22 February 2011


I love plans. Almost to an unhealthy level.. but just before where it might become a problem. With Mr.DeLovely being in the Army, it's hard to plan much of anything-even vacations or what I'll do on any given night-it all depends on what his unit comes up with for the day/night/week/year.

That said, I need a plan in my life-I need goals. Searching for work (unsuccessfully) for so long makes me feel like an abject failure-I know that's not the case by far, but it's true for me. I don't feel like ME without some direction-some schooling-something on the horizon. and as far as job searching is concerned.... it's hard to have a plan when you never know if something will come up.

So thanks to my bestie, I found and went through the Chazown experience.

"Everyone ends up somewhere, but few end up somewhere on purpose" -CG

I listed past experiences that shaped me, defined personal values, and took a test to determine my spiritual gifts. From there, I wrote a personal vision statement, determined which 'spokes' of my life needed the most work, and set goals.

Curious as to what I came up with?


Spiritual Gifts:

Personal Statement:
I am here to guide and help people grow into  the best version of themselves possible.

Spokes Needing work: Finances and Work

Maintain workout routine(5x a week!) and healthy eating plan
Read the bible (and pray over it) daily
Define financial success for me-and then develop a plan to achieve it.
Have (X) amount in the savings account by May
Research Personal training and nutrition programs.
Apply to said programs, become certified in all desired areas by this time next year.

Yep, it's back to 'school' for me. :) I'm excited to start on this new journey! And very thankful Craig Groeschel, my bestie, Mr. DeLovely, and others for spurring me on to be the best me. <3


18 February 2011

MAC give away...

No, not the computers. :p

I just entered a giveaway at http://shakajamee.wordpress.com for a $25 gift card to MAC.

AKA, the creators of some of the best eyeshadows ever! feel free to go and enter...but if I referred you, I'm demanding a cut of the profits! ;)

What would I get, you ask?

I'm LOVING their Wonder Woman line! What else could a geekess glam girl want?!


02 February 2011

Captain Obvious

I've had a few of these moments recently. I'll make (what I think is) a stunning realization, and just almost open my mouth (or laptop) to share with the husband/here...and then I stop.

And I think.

And that's when I realize that I'm an idiot-this isn't stunning. It's just life.  But what kind of semi-regular blogger would I be if I didn't share this with you?

Observation 1:
Wow, My life is nuts.

At a vet visit, someone drove their car into the building. I get to yell things like "JB, stop messing with your hooha" and "Adi(more on her later), get out of the Rice cooker."

Rational part 2:
Self, obviously your life is nuts. You wouldn't blog if it was boring. And you did say you wanted adventure...

Observation 2:
I'm selectively selfish.

Rationale: I have a hard time spending money on things I don't NEED for myself. I need work clothes/outfits-Spent $100 on what should've been a $200 purchase at kohls.com yesterday...and I'm still considering just returning it all. However, watching the news about Egypt, I can honestly say (If you are someone who likes to be a bitch, I recommend stopping here.) that I'm not sure I 100% care about the situation. I know I wouldn't care at all if it weren't for the fact that Mr. DeLovely wrote a report about it a few weeks ago and he wasn't taking over GRF (Global Response Force) next December.

Rationale 2: Duh. You are, as is a lot of humanity and most women. Natural caregivers have issues taking care of themselves.

There you go-Two very "Dur, thanks Captain Obvious" thoughts from me.

Now for updates:
-I have a job working as the 'Publications Secretary' for a local church. I design the weekly bulletin and news letter. I work through a temp agency....which is just weird. I'm not sure how I feel about weekly pay loaded on a debit card....
- We adopted a kitten named Adi(Orig. Chloe). She's precious, spaztastic, and a perfect fit for our family
-I might also have a second job working at a dance supply store on Saturdays. We'll see.


20 January 2011

"Hindsight is 20/20"

I hate that saying. I think people see the past in way more than 20/20 somedays. You look back and it's more than perfect... but then you start to take stock in  how it ACTUALLY was, and you remember why you're glad to have moved on! Like right now-I might miss being in college. But I don't miss being stressed and I don't miss 100 pg projects...both were a fixture in my college experience, and so I don't wish I was back-because there's lots of classes and things I'm glad to be done with.

I also hate the ways people say they don't 'regret' things. Sure, I wouldn't change anything about how my life has turned out-since I end up with a superfabulous husband and dog- but that doesn't mean I don't look back and think "What the hell was I thinking?!". To me, regret is not about wishing to change what happened. It's just not being proud of every decision.

I prefer "What I know now that I wish I knew then is..."

I wish I had known that my ex wasn't going to amount to anything sooner-then I would've dumped him sooner (Theoretically).

I wish I had known that consistently getting all-over blond highlights would eventually make you look blonde...and that I don't look good blonde.

I need moments of realization like this. Otherwise I can just reminisce about the past and get stuck. Like I am today. ;)I miss my friends, I miss my sorority sisters and advisors, but this is where I'm supposed to be right now. There's no guarantee (and I'm actually pretty sure that it wouldn't be the case) that I'd even have a job.It's very possible that Mr.DeLovely and I would be entirely miserable there.

Here's to discovering more of what Fayettenam has in store for me...


19 January 2011

Being honest with myself about Kids...

Yep. Title pretty much says it all.

Mr. DeLovely and I are family people. We love the ones we came from and want to create our own. We just never had a real idea of the when.

We told people after we got married, that it'd be about 5 years. Why 5? Because people leave you alone if you say five. Longer, they question your sanity. Shorter, they try and give you tips for conception(EW). So we said 5.

5 has never been our plan. Our plan has been-when we can provide for one, and we feel ready. That maybe in more than 5 years, it may be in less than that. I know right now we feel like we could be emotionally ready, but we're not fiscally ready.

So is it crazy that we already have names and nursery ideas? And stances on typical mothering dilemmas?
Boy-Initials will be DZM, and Super Mario Nursery
Girl-Intials will be SFM, and a Paris Nursery.

I will try breastfeeding, I'd prefer to. I'd prefer natural birth because the last time I got an epidural it scared me. I'll take IV meds though. I'm not going to cloth diaper, because I don't have the stomach to do so. I want to make my own babyfood when it gets to that point, our boy will most likely be circumcised, I don't want to have the baby sleep in my bed ALL the time, but I do want it to have a basinette close by for awhile. I'd rather not try CIO when they're young, but I also know that I wouldn't be able to 'rest' with a baby crying like that.

I don't know. We're prepared that if an Oops! kid(Like myself) happens, but it's just weird to be half ready for raising a tiny human. That freaks my shit out.

ah well. Cross that bridge when we come to it. ;)


16 January 2011

Since I last updated...

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary with friends. (Feels like we've been married longer. Is that bad?)

I quit my job at David's Bridal, thanks to poor management.

I sprained my ankle. (Minor sprain, nothing serious. A given when your legs aren't built how they're supposed to be)

 And overall dealt with some major resentment/sadness issues.

So I'm back. :) Trying to keep my sanity somewhat in tact, and trying to deal with Mr.DeLovely being gone a lot of the time. Thankfully, I've gotten close to two girls here-one an Army Wife, the other engaged to a firefighter, who get it, go through it, and will hang out with me no matter what. :p

Here's to being back on a semi regular basis(no promises. ;) )


18 November 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I have a job.

I have been on the job hunt since May 15-ish. It was nearly an exactly 6 month long job hunt, when I was offered the job last night.  This job allows me to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This job pays decently. This job lets me be in my industry.

This job is a Sales Consultant at David's Bridal.

I am nothing less than grateful for it. If anything, I'm so relieved to stop hunting for awhile. I'm so happy to get to work with brides. I'm so many things.

I'm feeling judged. I won't pretend that I haven't noticed that most of my school friends have stayed silent. (Not you E. <3 ) I won't pretend that I didn't know that people wanted so badly for me to have a 'real' job. One with an office and e-mails and on and on... But what's more important to me is having a job. That I feel like I'll be good at and enjoy. Plus...there is an addition to the DB family, come February. A woman synonymous with wedding. A woman with class and style, who will bring DB a whole new customer.


Finding joy, even in the common things of life....