09 September 2010

Final name choices and More..

So, I'm pretty narrowed down to the following name choices:

carnationsandpearls.blogspot.com/DeLovely Life
oldfashionedlovesong.blogspot.com/Blessed in the good old fashioned way

Thoughts? (Mom, I know you're reading this. you're not exempt from voting. Nor does it make you creepy if you do)

What is it about fall that's so intoxicating? I never was much of a fall person as a kid, but now? It's all I have to not decorate my house with a special new wall paper called: Fallen leaves. Cinnamon, jeans without feeling like I'm going to die, Apples,the crisp air, autumn trees...I can't wait for it to hit NC! (E-Does fall hit NC? Or do we go straight to winter here?)

Some of the things I'm specifically looking forward to...

Sam Adams Octoberfest...Omnomnom
Coats, sweaters, and boots! Specifically coats like this from Banana Republic.
Banana Republic Trench
And let us not forget, Everything Apple.
Apple Barn: Gatlinburg, TN

Picture are the Apple Barn's Apple Fritters (Like hush puppies with sweet apple-y goodness!) and the Apple Julep...which is a mix of Apple, Orange, and Pineapple juice. Yummmy! C and I ate here on our honeymoon and we're thinking about making a yearly pilgrimage. Yeah, it's THAT good.

What are you looking forward to most this fall? Don't forget to jump in some piles of leaves! 


  1. Why a new blog? I love "it's a beautiful ride". so there...Momma posted!

  2. Fall in NC & VA is brief, September can still be pretty warm, October starts cooling down a bit and usually by Halloween its in the low 50s at night mid-high 60s in the day.

    I love fall (minus how brief) its my favorite season.

  3. oh, and as for the blog name, I'm with your mom... I like "its a beautiful ride" but you can still just change your URL

  4. Forget OKC, let's meet up in Gatlinburg on Thursday and get those fritters!!!!

  5. NC definitely has a fall. If you get a chance you go up to the mountains (like Asheville area is where I usually go), the Blue Ridge parkway is BEAUTIFUL in the fall.

    And it's not brief IMO. CO literally goes from 80 degrees with sun to 30 degress with snow. No fall at all here.


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