19 January 2011

Being honest with myself about Kids...

Yep. Title pretty much says it all.

Mr. DeLovely and I are family people. We love the ones we came from and want to create our own. We just never had a real idea of the when.

We told people after we got married, that it'd be about 5 years. Why 5? Because people leave you alone if you say five. Longer, they question your sanity. Shorter, they try and give you tips for conception(EW). So we said 5.

5 has never been our plan. Our plan has been-when we can provide for one, and we feel ready. That maybe in more than 5 years, it may be in less than that. I know right now we feel like we could be emotionally ready, but we're not fiscally ready.

So is it crazy that we already have names and nursery ideas? And stances on typical mothering dilemmas?
Boy-Initials will be DZM, and Super Mario Nursery
Girl-Intials will be SFM, and a Paris Nursery.

I will try breastfeeding, I'd prefer to. I'd prefer natural birth because the last time I got an epidural it scared me. I'll take IV meds though. I'm not going to cloth diaper, because I don't have the stomach to do so. I want to make my own babyfood when it gets to that point, our boy will most likely be circumcised, I don't want to have the baby sleep in my bed ALL the time, but I do want it to have a basinette close by for awhile. I'd rather not try CIO when they're young, but I also know that I wouldn't be able to 'rest' with a baby crying like that.

I don't know. We're prepared that if an Oops! kid(Like myself) happens, but it's just weird to be half ready for raising a tiny human. That freaks my shit out.

ah well. Cross that bridge when we come to it. ;)



  1. That freaks YOUR shit out?!? What about me?! (joke) but I did seriously start screaming when I misread and thought you meant you were ready now. I was like "oh my God! I cannot have a best friend who is having a baby on purpose. That's too weird for me!"
    But really what's different about being ready for a baby and being ready to get married? That felt too soon too, but it wasn't. Go with your gut. God won't give you what you're not ready for and as soon as you are ready he will give it. If it feels right, it is or at least it will be. Trust your heart.
    And no matter what, I'll cope. Haha. ;0)
    Love you.
    Can't believe we're so grown.

  2. AHHH BOTB (baby on the brain)? I remember those days lol. I think its great that you have these ideas in mind for when the time arises. I knew what I "wanted" but I wasn't set in my ways... just in case. I do what to say, be ready to change your mind a MILLION times! Saige's nursery changed 30x, her name 50x, etc. The only things I didn't change my stance on was breastfeeding, vaccinations, & CDing (not doing it).

    I know people say you can be ready, but I don't see how you can ever really be ready. I mean I understand the financial part, but the rest, you have no idea how much you can love, give, & tolerate until you have that baby and you have to. I remember for like the first 3 weeks feeling like I was babysitting Saige and mommyhood only became real in the middle of the night when she was fussing to eat & I realized that creature needs me <3

    I can't wait to hear the news, when you guys decide the time is right!


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