09 July 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo....

As you may know, I'm a member of an Army Wife board.  We chat about life, fun stuff, separations, and the like. We talk about WIA's and KIA's, we talk about divorces and cheating and spouses. It can get pretty intense. People are surprisingly open about their lives on a public board with people they've never met. I've noticed something recently though:

Your attitude 110% determines how something is going to go for you.

Take for instance, deployments. Typically, when a member joins the deployment section there's an announcement post-where they talk about how DH/F/B(Dear/Damn Husband-fiances-boyfriend) just left and they're sad. Typically, a post is titled: 'I'm here' 'Is there room for one more?' Things that suggest: THis sucks, but I'm going to deal with it as best I can because that's what we signed up for. I won't be perfect, I'll get sad and have off days, but I can survive.

Well, one woman started her thread as "So my misery begins". Now, I'm no pro at this, nor do I know everything...but this just sounds bad to me. This makes me hope that someone is checking in on her.... a lot.  Deployments suck. No one wants to deal with them. But, fact of the matter is, we do. You have to. And you have to at least keep your head above water to do so.

Then there's another woman posting, who has been taken to the hospital for her issues. Her DH is in Germany, and they're supposed to be there together. But, due to the Army being the Army--it's taken awhile for all the Command Sponsorship to come in correctly. Apparently, he will deploy soon. She comments on how her son has been acting more and more anxious, and when people say he's picking it up from her? She has 'trauma' and 'attachment issues' so we need to be more understanding.

Thus, I want to be Little Bunny Foo Foo today. And I want to bop people on the head, so that they can realize that you CAN be positive about a deployment or a separation. You don't have to like it, but you do have to pull yourself together at least a little bit. What am I positive about in regards to C's adventure to Army Summer Camp?

1) We were able to buy a bedroom set that we really like-and it will be paid off.
2) I've gotten to spend about 2 weeks with my family, and that's been very helpful.
3) JB is a momma's girl by default. :p
4) I learned how to install a new plug on a dryer, how to steam wallpaper, and where the serpentine belts are on my car.
5) It's given C and I the venue to talk seriously about what our future holds regarding the Army, careers, and *gulp* kids.

So for my friend Ashley, In the words of the most brilliant Hannah Montana(I can see everyone else rolling their eyes now)

Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock!


  1. Haha, LOVE it!!

    I totally agree with you. It sucks, yes but you have to find the positives and cope. You'll go crazy if you sit and get mad and you are continually negative.

    Love you!!!!

  2. I agree with trying to find positive things about deployments. It was the only way I stayed sane. I used it as an opportunity, as someone who has had her dh with her in some way for 10 years, to grow and really become my own person. I also learned that I CAN do things by myself. I, like you, also learned to install my dryer plug, haha!

  3. Hey, it's Laurie from AWC. I'm following you now. Also, totally agree with your post. I learned all those things the hard way- pretty much had to be miserable to realize I chose to be that way.


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