02 February 2011

Captain Obvious

I've had a few of these moments recently. I'll make (what I think is) a stunning realization, and just almost open my mouth (or laptop) to share with the husband/here...and then I stop.

And I think.

And that's when I realize that I'm an idiot-this isn't stunning. It's just life.  But what kind of semi-regular blogger would I be if I didn't share this with you?

Observation 1:
Wow, My life is nuts.

At a vet visit, someone drove their car into the building. I get to yell things like "JB, stop messing with your hooha" and "Adi(more on her later), get out of the Rice cooker."

Rational part 2:
Self, obviously your life is nuts. You wouldn't blog if it was boring. And you did say you wanted adventure...

Observation 2:
I'm selectively selfish.

Rationale: I have a hard time spending money on things I don't NEED for myself. I need work clothes/outfits-Spent $100 on what should've been a $200 purchase at kohls.com yesterday...and I'm still considering just returning it all. However, watching the news about Egypt, I can honestly say (If you are someone who likes to be a bitch, I recommend stopping here.) that I'm not sure I 100% care about the situation. I know I wouldn't care at all if it weren't for the fact that Mr. DeLovely wrote a report about it a few weeks ago and he wasn't taking over GRF (Global Response Force) next December.

Rationale 2: Duh. You are, as is a lot of humanity and most women. Natural caregivers have issues taking care of themselves.

There you go-Two very "Dur, thanks Captain Obvious" thoughts from me.

Now for updates:
-I have a job working as the 'Publications Secretary' for a local church. I design the weekly bulletin and news letter. I work through a temp agency....which is just weird. I'm not sure how I feel about weekly pay loaded on a debit card....
- We adopted a kitten named Adi(Orig. Chloe). She's precious, spaztastic, and a perfect fit for our family
-I might also have a second job working at a dance supply store on Saturdays. We'll see.


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