11 February 2010

Real Talk Thursday:Dear John

Thursdays are basically going to be my rant day. Taking something,and giving my full, no holds barred opinion. Today, it's the movie "Dear John".

I went and saw this movie with my sorority sisters this past weekend. I knew it dealt with deployment, so I tried to prepare myself as much as I could, for how emotional it would make me.

There's a part where he gets wounded. LOST. MY. SHIT. I really wish I would've made C go with me/waited till he could be here. As it is, my sisters all wanted to comfort me, but didn't really know how.The girl in this movie, however, was another story.

I HATED HER. She was cute for the first half, but then doesn't write for 2 months and she's suddenly ENGAGED??! WHAT A WHORE. She says later that she "didn't have a choice", "it was so hard living without you". You know what pumpkin? Life is hard. Being a military spouse IS hard, but it's worth it! She CHOSE to break John's heart, she didn't deserve crap. Real love survives any amount of distance or time.

I don't think she really loved him. I don't think that she was cute, nor was her little letter justified. I can't IMAGINE leaving someone in the middle of their deployment, especially if it was someone I really loved.Regardless of the circumstances, she could support her friend with cancer(financially, taking care of his kid) without MARRYING him.

I try not to judge other people(even fictional ones), but it's hard. I don't hold people to any higher standards than I do for myself, but I also have very high standards.

I think it bothers me so much because C and I have been long distance for the past 2 years. That's longer than most deployments. Does it suck? Absolutely. Would I love for us to be together right now? Of course. Never ONCE have I thought about leaving him. I do have a choice-I choose him. It is hard living without him--but I choose to wait because I know when we are together, it's amazing and so worth it.And if their time together was as amazing as Nicholas Sparks wants me to believe it is, why didn't she stay? I just don't understand.


  1. This is why I will not be seeing the movie or reading the book, and I why I just cannot understand the military spouses who brag on what an awesome story it is. Quite frankly the whole thing disgusts me. I'm with you- B & I were in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years, including a deployment. I refuse to believe that crap that says long distance/military relationships are just too hard- I see it being done every single day.

  2. I thought I commented but apparently not. This is why I hated the book and think anyone who sees the movie and praises it obviously doesn't have personal experience and/or is stupid.

  3. Totally agree with you & the comments. True love withstands it all. Having someone you love deployed is harder than many people can imagine. You don't bail, end of story. She was a whore. I hated the movie and won't be reading the book.


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