16 January 2011

Since I last updated...

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary with friends. (Feels like we've been married longer. Is that bad?)

I quit my job at David's Bridal, thanks to poor management.

I sprained my ankle. (Minor sprain, nothing serious. A given when your legs aren't built how they're supposed to be)

 And overall dealt with some major resentment/sadness issues.

So I'm back. :) Trying to keep my sanity somewhat in tact, and trying to deal with Mr.DeLovely being gone a lot of the time. Thankfully, I've gotten close to two girls here-one an Army Wife, the other engaged to a firefighter, who get it, go through it, and will hang out with me no matter what. :p

Here's to being back on a semi regular basis(no promises. ;) )


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