28 September 2010


Ever heard of Project 365?

The premise is that you take a photo a day for one year. It makes for a great keepsake, and it's fun to look back on! I've been wanting to do this, but I feel like I need a 'significant' date to start on.

Friends of mine have done:
-The year their husband is deployed.
-Their first year of marriage
-Senior Year of college
-First year Post-Grad.

I thought about doing 'our year together' , Starting the day Mr.DeLovely returned from the sandbox. However, I haven't taken enough pictures for that. (He's supposed to be home for the next year or so. By home, I mean the US. No promises on anything else.)

Mr.DeLovely thinks that I should start on our Anniversary(12/31!), and do our 2nd year of marriage. This just seems weird to me.

I thought about starting with the season opener for the dance team...but that also seems weird to me. And the season is only 6 months. Sooo then I have another 6 months that hang out awkwardly.

When I was feeling optomistic about job hunts, I was going to do my first year of work. I'd like to start sometime before the next ice age, so this doesn't really work. 

What do you think? Any suggestions on a date? Or should I let my brain let go of that and just pick a day and start?



  1. I've been having the same issue! Although, now that Tyler and I are engaged, that might be a "significant date to start" haha... But honestly, if it's about making a keepsake, you could really just start any day right? (I know for us arts-manager-types, "just starting" is a difficult task, but maybe it could work? haha) Best of luck!

  2. I'm starting December 17, 2010 - so obviously I'm doing the first year post-grad

    I like Mr. DeLovely's idea about second year of marriage... almost like a "we aren't newlyweds anymore and here's 'real' life"... but maybe I'm just supportive of his idea because he liked the dress I wanted to buy last week, LOL!

  3. What about October 1st? It's Daddy's bday and think about it...10-01-10.

  4. I like Mr. DeLovely's idea...or start on 1/1 and just do the whole year from New Year's to Christmas 2011?

    I am excited to see what you come up with, dear!

  5. Second year of marriage. It's not weird, because you didn't do the first, and your first was very unconventional. So do the second, based on Liz's premise: "we're not newlyweds anymore"

  6. I say just start it! The pictures themselves are what matter, IMO, not the dates. But if you really can't stand the thought of picking a random day then I say go with the anniversary.


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