26 September 2010


I've always been a planner.  Thus, why my desired career field is event planner.

I plan everything. What I'll do on a particular day, what I'll eat. What exercise I'll encourage JB to try and participate in. How to approach the hubs that day.

Well, a very wise man told us that Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.  And that's proven so true for me recently.

-I planned to graduate, find a job, start working.
       -I don't have a job, I have extra-curriculars.

-I planned for my niece to stay inside my Sister-In-law till November
       -We're grateful for every day we get now.

-I planned to have my house 'done' by now.
        - I haven't even bought primer. Or Curtains.

-I planned to see EVERYONE while C and I were in Okc for block leave.
        -I didn't come close. And I'm kicking myself for it.

Days like today, I come back to my favorite Bible verse. Ever.

What are your plans gone awry? How do you console yourself?



  1. Welp...I planned for our house to be put together, and to be able to do a lot of it myself. Finding out we are having twins cut back on what I myself can do and the way the movers packed the boxes was atrocious! I've consoled myself that it WILL get done, I just Have to rely on others (husband, friends) more than I would have normally.
    *superhugs* I also just wanted to say a big thank you for lending me your ear and letting me vent. He's getting better and I may need to take you up on your offer to help, it truly means the world to me that I know I can ask You for help. :-)

  2. when my plans go nuts, it usually throws the rest of my week off or puts me in a bad mood. I sulk, seriously thats how I deal with it.

  3. I'm like Maloree; when my plans get overridden I sulk (or throw a fit, which to me is the same thing) until God shows me whatever awesome plan He has in place that's better than my plan.

    I never have liked the chief statements directed toward planners: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" and "If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him what you've got planned."
    The first one implies that we plan because we cannot act, and I think you and I would both acknowledge that as false. We do plenty of acting. Often too much (which is how some of our plans get messed up - they are crowded out by other plans being enacted). And I also think it's important to note that actions with no plans often go horribly awry.
    The second one just paints an untrue picture of God. He doesn't laugh at our plans like we are trivial and moronic. He gently shows us how His plan is always better. Sometimes it takes a long time to see that.
    I also think the people who originally made those statements were not natural planners. God made us each different, and He made us (as in you and I specifically) one and the same (like that song) for a reason. We just have to learn to be us His way.

    And then we have to assess why the plans failed: 1) because they were flawed plans, 2) because they were good plans, but not God plans - not the best plan, 3) because we screwed up. The answer to that question is only relevant as it relates to whether we try again at that plan, or move on to a different plan.

    What I noticed about God's plans is that if we let Him have His way, He will shock and awe us EVERY SINGLE TIME. His plans are both better and more entertaining than ours. So let's practice leaning on Him.

    I'm pretty sure I cried at the part of Monsters Inc where Boo has to leave and she ends up holding up that sign.
    I'm not upset.
    I love you very much.
    You still owe me a letter. ;-)


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