02 November 2010

Purple Velvet

There was a Purple Pixel project.  You baked a type of purple cupcake, in support of victims of Domestic Violence.

I read about a ton of great, creative cupckaes. Flavors I never would I have thought of...Then I took it old school.

Red Purple Velvet.

How to do it? Just take your favorite Red Velvet recipe, and switch out your red food coloring for equal parts red and blue.

Pictures during:

It had this really intense purple color before they were baked... I was so excited!

Then they came out...and I got disappointed.

Just looks like a normal Chocolate cupcake. /depressed.

I still decorated them.. (didn't have enough liners, so I had a cake-cake too)


What's that I see?

Yes friends, even though it was momentarily depressing, I still got my purple velvet cupcakes! Super tasty-C's dad and co-workers liked them too! :)

Break the Silence, Stop the Violence.


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