02 November 2010


I'm in a slump. I think that's the non-religious term for it.

My term is a spiritual drought. And believe me, I am there.

I remember my lsat one. It was some time during the soul-sucking year of Heather. (A CP I served under who made every member of the board's life hell. Even the CA.) My parents and I went to church, and wouldn't you know it-we talked about dry spells.  After the service, my Daddy and I talked while Mom was running around being super-staff member. And he asked when my last drought was. I told him I was in one. He looked at me misty-eyed and said "I knew it."

My daddy doesn't cry for little things guys. I remember 2 times he's cried-telling me his Mom passed, and at my wedding.  Misty-eyed and worried for me...I'm tearing up thinking about it. I love my dad. I need to be near my parents again--they're the ultimate cheerleaders for me, and usually my jump-off points for my next projects that keep me busy, keep me feeling like me.

Thankfully, I'll be seeing them in less than a month for Thanksgiving.  I'll also be seeing this precious girl:

Meet my niece-Madeline. AKA: Maddy, Maddy the Crabby, Maddy the Baddy, Maddy the Saddy, et al.

I'm back. Writing will help me. Up next, Purple Velvet.


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