04 November 2010

Shutterfly-50 Free Holiday Cards

I heard about this from my friend Noel at Issued to a Soldier, and I had to join in the fun!

I have been BEGGING Mr. DeLovely to let me do photo holiday cards. This is our first set of holidays as married people(Though he'll miss Hanukkah and my birthday this year. <_<), and it's something I've looked forward to doing now that I'm a married lady.

See, my family sends out photo holiday cards. Every Summer we take a picture on the Outer Banks of NC(our favorite vacation spot), then mom buys those Christmas cards with a picture window, works for about a month on the Christmas letter, and mails it to our friends and family.

I don't want to do a letter (yet), since it's just us and the dog. I could talk about JB for a full letter, but I doubt many people would find that as amusing as I would. Thus, I'm doing cards. Come hell or high water.  I wanted to update them, though. I love my Mom's, but I'm in that "young, hip" stage and I'm too cool for things like that. I'm also too cool for my brother and his wife's version, which was a wedding picture that so happened to say Merry Christmas on them.

Shutterfly is giving 50 free Holiday cards to bloggers. Best part? They don't just do Christmas cards! You can also get gift tags, gretting cards, Thanksgiving cards, even Thank You cards!Want to join in? Go here.

 Here are some of my favorite styles of cards, now to just narrow it down!

Style 1 is really cute, but I'm not sure I want to go all-out CHRISTMAS, my Dad's family is Jewish.

Style 2 is beautiful, but I'm not sure I can rock out the flat card just yet...

Style 3   simple..beautiful..not holiday-specific. Definitely a top runner for me!

Style 4  I like this card for a number of reasons-Multiple pictures means that I can torture take pictures of JB for the card! Plus it donates 10% of it's proceeds to LIVESTRONG.  Coupled with a nice, wintery(but not Holiday Specific) design, it's another top runner!

Style 5  I really like this one, but I'm not sure that photos of just us and the dog are enough for it!

Style 6  Love, Love, Love Damask. Enough said. Another top runner.

Style 7  Love that I get to choose what's written on the inside, LOVE the blue scheme, just love it!  Top runner 4.

Style 8  A monogram, snowflakes, simple design? I'm in love.

What's your opinion readers? Which would you go with?



  1. I like #6, from what I know of you it seems like a great fit!

    PS- Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love #4! So cute. I also like #7 because it just reminds me of you & cody. Nate & I did Holiday Cards this year. It took me about two days to decide on what style / design I wanted.


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