06 October 2010

Things the FRG could learn from my sorority, Part 2.

I wrote about this much earlier, talking about CRONM. How I didn't feel I belonged...how no one was recruiting ME or MY help, and that's a surefire way to hurt your organization.

Can I go back to that?

I have received 7 e-mails today. For the record, it is 11 AM, EST.

You know, we had a problem in the sorority. Girls didn't read the fifty million separate emails we sent. They became nuisances, all fodder for an automatic delete.

FRG's: Hear my cry. Send me a digest-type email. Not 9 forwards. Send "Ok, this email has a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i. Attached are documents for each. Let me know if you have any questions." Not "See below email. Thanks!" 9 times. Or, consider hosting a meeting where we take up names for different email lists-Who wants to know about volunteer opportunities? who lives on post and needs those emails? Have a general info list.

For Alpha Chi, we had a digest email every day-Lyre Notes. You read, get the bullet points at the top of what extra info we'll have...then attachments. That's it. Unless there's an emergency, you got 1 e-mail per day.  So nice. So organized. Why can't you do this?

Please. My poor little job-hunting heart can't take the new e-mail notification surge of adrenaline/hope, followed by the crushing disappointment that you're letting me know how we're observing Halloween.

SAVE MY INBOX! Please. Before I mark you as spam.


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