01 October 2010

Salt; Or: How my mother ruined Eggs for me...

Mr. DeLovely and I were having a day-date today. Since we went to the ball last night, he got the day off today. We decided we'd brunch, and then see a movie.(We ended up seeing Easy A--SO funny!)

Well, Mr so happens to be a HUGE Ihop fan, so we head there. {Sidenote: LOVE the new IHOP menu! So many more healthy options!! And the layout/font is great too!} I get the 2 eggs breakfast, fit version. IT's wheat toast, egg substitute, TURKEY bacon, and fresh fruit. About halfway through...I decide to get crazy.

I'm going to put SALT on my eggs.

Here's the deal-- As I was growing up, I remember my mom venting to us kids about my Dad's salt habits. Mom cooks with spices, and everything tasted great! Dad just always added salt. I'm pretty sure that if my Mom ever had anything resembling a "NO WIRE HANGERS" moment, it was regarding salt and my Dad's use of it.

Now, somwhere in that mental conditioning, I guess I just got it in my head that salt=bad. My mom salts her eggs, and things that don't already have a lot of seasoning in them...but hearing her vent about that so much made me salt-avoidant, unless it was an ingredient.

So back to today. I tried salt on my eggs... I don't know what made me get so wild and crazy, but it had to be done. Now, I'm hooked. Eggs taste even BETTER with salt. Who knew?! (Everyone but me, duh)

Mom, I promise I still taste before I add it!


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