30 September 2010

92 days...

Until New Year's Eve.

With the end of the year getting so close, I'm looking back at what I've done so far, and what I'd still like to do. Like the good little planner I am, I've made a list.

1. Get back in dancing shape/flat tummy.
Thankfully, we wear pants.

Nothing like wearing a midriff bearing top in front of hockey fans to motivate you for that. I've gotten my upper abs back, but the lower have always been a struggle. I've set myself up on a workout schedule to try and combat this. I do abs/arms/butt 3 days a week, cardio 3 days a week, and have 1 rest day.

2. Set up a cleaning schedule for the house (Check.)

One of the tricky parts of being unemployed and not having children is that you can spend HOURS sitting on the couch and stalking Facebook while watching yet ANOTHER season of ANTM.(Cycle 12 is on tomorrow..)

To hopefully combat this, I've made up a schedule where an area of the house gets cleaned everyday. Hopefully this helps the whole house stay a little cleaner, but with all the crap my Husband brings home from the Army, that's doubtful at best.

3. Try one new recipe per pay period.

This one will be the hardest for me. See, a couple weeks ago C thought it'd be smart to order meat from a company similar to Omaha steaks. The problem is that now I have a freezer full of Steaks, a few hamburger patties, fish, and shellfish(Which I can't eat/touch/cook). I have a hard time buying meat...because I already have so much. It's not like I have a deep freeze either. This stuff just stares at me, and I feel bad bringing anything else into the mix. I just have to remind myself that a) it's okay to do that and b) new recipes could be side dishes or desserts or breads!

4. Have the Kitchen and bathrooms done.

Moving into this house left me with a lot of potential-As in there is work to be done. As in: My bathroom had pink vinyl wall paper and the guest bath/kitchen had poorly placed green and white vertical stripes with a birdhouse border.

Wallpaper is of the devil.  The bathrooms are paint ready(And are hopefully getting primed soon...), but I haven't even stripped the kitchen yet. That's going to be a project for a 4-day, because I'm not going to be patient enough (Or have enough room) to have it in limbo very long.

5. Cut down my pop(Soda/coke) consumption.
This stuff is delicious.
I've already cut out dark colas, minus the occasional DDP. But I still drink pop more than I drink juice or water or tea...and I don't think that's good for you. I plan to buy bottled water and crystal light pitcher mixes to hopefully combat that.

What are your goals by the end of this year? or do you just wait for New Year's resolutions?


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  1. My goal is to find a job ;) Funny story though, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader you have on your post? I KNOW HER! We went to the same studio and her sister and I danced together for years--were even officers together on drill team! I still keep up with them!


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