03 October 2010

So you had a bad day...

Today was a rough day for me, and I'm not sure why..

Maybe it was the disaster of a job I did of making breakfast. I'm sticking to hardboiled eggs and fruit from here on. Mr.DeLovely can make the bigger stuff. And when I say disaster, I mean disaster. Like, I'm glad that Mr.D loves me like in the Brad Paisley "Little Moments" song way, because otherwise I'm screwed.

It's even from his favorite movie...

Maybe it was him playing Halo Reach untill Football started, napping through football, Playing Halo Reach again, and probably falling asleep during the NEXT game. {For the record, I love football. I just also love watching WITH him}


Maybe it was the rough practice. I know I'm not a bad dancer-but today the focus was on more cheerleading-esque stuff, and that's not me. I look fantastic doing a Rockette-esque kickline... not so much with High-V, Low-V, daggers, roll out, don't move more than a foot type of 'dance'.

Much more 'my' speed.

Maybe it was waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe it was just that kind of day.

All that means is that tomorrow can be a hundred million times better. And it will be. I'm indulging in some Pop (Coke Zero--such a rebel), making a mental list of things to do tomorrow, and eventually go sleep.

What are your bad-day coping mechanisms? I'm in the market for a new one. ;)


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  1. I always eat my emotions: carbs or chocolate ice cream with chocolate stuff in it...but I don't ever recommend people try that tactic. It's bad for you.


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