07 September 2010

What's in a name?

I want to change the name of this here blog.

The title-It's a beautiful ride, and address-strugglemakesyoustronger.blogspot, were a perfect fit for me as I was finishing up my last semester. I was angsty and in need of a place to vent. However, I don't want this to be a place to vent anymore. I'd rather it be a place to discuss ideas-be they political or about event design or about the purse I'm needing. (yes, I've progressed beyond 'want' and 'wish')

All that to say, Strugglemakesyoustronger isn't working for me anymore. I want a new blog identitiy, without starting a completely new blog.  Here are some important facts about me:

1. Loud Proud Alpha Chi Omega Alum.
2. Married, No kids. One dog.
3. My husband is an officer in the Army.
4. I have an event consulting/planning business, called DeLovely Events.
5. I'm a Christian who is very observent of my Jewish heritage.
6.I have a slight purse obsession. By slight, I mean my current collection could probably retail for upwards of $1500...
7. I love to cook--be it from scratch or making time intensive recipes easier/cheaper.
8. I love..love...love...love cupcakes.
9.  Favorites: Color: Carolina Blue; Ice Cream: Strawberry Chip; Flower: Gardenia/Red carnation; Gem: pearl; Season: Fall; Smell; The ocean mixed with sunscreen. :)
10. I believe in classy behavior, aprons, hand written thank you notes, Jesus, semi-Kosher eating, tolerance, hugs, hemlines that extend to at LEAST fingertip length, and that pearls go with everything.

So, any thoughts for a new name/identity? Give me a really amazing suggestion and there may be something in it for you... ;)



  1. Hey Jessica! I actually changed mine about a year ago because I didn't like "Penny For the Thoughts of a Dreamer" anymore. My only problem was I don't know how to change my address, I was only able to change the title of my blog, but not the address. How does one do that? (And I'm terribly sorry for not answering your plea for help. I'll do some brainstorming for you though!)

  2. It's all good!

    Just go to settings, then publishing. :) Make sure to post if you change it though! A blog I followed did it, and I missed out on her updates because I had to resubscribe. <3


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