08 September 2010

Identity Crisis continued, a blog award!

I'm still hunting for a good new blog name... Here are some options(pending availability...haven't checked that yet)

retrolove.blogspot.com/I was made for years past..
oldfashionedlovesong.blogspot.com/ Blessed in the good old fashioned way
carnationsandpearls.blogspot.com/ Inspiration for a Lifetime

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas that came to you in the middle of the night?

And in other news, my beautiful friend E at Olive My Life! Gifted me with this beauty today...

So now I need to tell you 7 things about me, and tag seven people! So for the easy part-About me!

1. I'm Jewish by decent, and I love my heritage. I incorporate certain elements of my culture while still being a practicing Christian. You could say I'm as old fashioned as it gets. On that note-Lshana Tova! Happy New Year!

2. I. Love. Glee. Specifically, I love Dianna Agron, the actress who plays Quinn Fabray. Check out this picture from last night's premiere party--what's not to love?! I seriously need that dress.
Dress by Carolina Herrera. Want. 

3.I secretly wish calling cards were still de rigeur. I might try and have them make a comeback. And I will be going to brooklyn social cards.

4. I think there is nothing prettier than an arrangement of tightly packed carnations...
Talk about Bang for your buck..

5. After looking at my college's Panhellenic brochure, my dad told me I could only be an Alpha Chi Omega because they were the only sorority with brunettes in their picture. Way to see the future daddy! 

Who-Who-Who Am I? I'm a LIFE LOYAL Alpha Chi! Thanks Suzie!

6.I have a 5 month old chunker(50 lbs) of a Great Dane puppy-named JB! 

7. I have no intention of getting pregnant any time soon, but I've already planned a few nurseries just in case. 
For girls: 

Classic. I don't care what anyone says. Simple, pink bedding with a ballet theme. And my girl Angelia.

     I would love this. I just need to convince the hubs that it's a good idea. 

For boys, I have less articulated ideas. But I'd want this picture:

Or bedding like this: 

Now for my tags...Now you post 7 things about you, and tag 7 people! 
1. The 100% real talk, real opinionated Maloree at A day in My Life 
2. Wifery-expert-in-training Shauna at Dogs, Dogtags, and Stilettos
3. Awe-Inspiring diy-er Courtney at And Then There was Home
4. Super-Thrifty-Crafty Momma Carissa at Domiciliary Artillery
5. The always amusing Chelle at Monkey-Loo.
6. Brittany, my online-need-to-meet-in-real-life-friend at A Successful Rebellion
7. My AXΩ sis with fab finds at Simply Southern!

Don't forget to stop for a second and give me some input for my identity crisis!



  1. awww you love me!!! I know this because you tagged me first!

  2. Kinda cheesy but I thought of "DeLovely Life," kind of like "The Lovely Life" but with your business name.

  3. Oh my goodness, I didn't know anyone else wished calling cards would come back in fashion. I have loved the thought ever since I read about them in Little House on the Prairie...=]


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