06 September 2010

New Feature! Omnomnom Monday

My new blog feature. :)  Every Monday, I'm going to post a recipe for something tasty-bear with me though, as I have no camera at the moment and can not post pictures of the deliciousness. Today, I so happen to coincide with Meatless Monday.

Today's Recipe-Black Bean Quesadillas.

1 medium Bell pepper (I try for the orange ones)
1/2 medium onion
1 can black beans(rinsed)
1 can corn(drained)
tortillas ( i use wheat)
shredded cheese (I use the quesadilla blend and a little extra mild cheddar)
Olive oil.

-preheat oven to 400* F
-chop the bell pepper and onion into bite size pieces.
-put medium saucepan on stove on medium heat. Add in about a tbsp of olive oil, coating the pan.
-cook the bell pepper and onion until tender, and onion is becoming translucent
-add in black beans and corn, cook till heated throughout.
-spray cooking sheet with Pam.

To assemble:
spray one side of a tortilla with Pam. Place the tortilla Pam-side down on the cooking sheet. fill 1/2 of tortilla with the bean mixture, sprinkle with cheese (or douse with cheese, if you're a fanatic like me!), fold in half.

Cook at 400* for about 10 minutes, or until the tortillas are crispy and the cheesy is melty tasty.

Super tasty, super easy, super cheap! Commence Omnomnoming!

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  1. Um, I love you for this! I am needing yummy recipes to start trying for Nate & I!


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