04 September 2010

I'm wishing..

For a lot. My top 10 wishes for right now...

10. A job. (Self explanatory.And only this low because a job isn't something you wish for, and then magically have. It takes work)

9. This Kate Spade crossbody bag... ::drool::

8. A fabulous pair of heels for the ball that's in 3-ish weeks. JB chewed my silver special occaision heels. Rude.

7. It to be Next Tuesday already, so I could be in OKC! C is on block leave right now, and for a week of it we're going to go home and see our friends and his family. I'm looking forward to being in town, seeing everyone, and being around for one of the happiest times-The Oklahoma State Fair!

6. A haircut. I go through phases where I love my long hair, and then phases where I can't cut it fast enough. January, after my wedding (and growing my hair out for the past 1.75 yrs), I chopped it all off. Now I'm wishing I hadn't because I miss my long hair SO much. Enough to consider getting extensions, but not enough to fork up the cash for it.

5. A freshly baked cookie. (Tomorrow, I'm in super cook mode. And I'm making the Betty Crocker Gluten Free brownies)

4. Slippers. Last birthday, I got a pair of Ugg slippers from my parents. Last month, JB decided they looked mighty tasty. Story of a puppy-owners life.

3. One of the Pit Bull puppies next door. My neighbor's girl had 11 puppies. Pretty sure it's the octomom of dogs. And I now get to watch the little ones frolic. And you know what? I NEED one. They're so cute and floppy and unaware of their surroundings....

2. My audition to go well. See, Next weekend, my plans are to audition for the Heat Dantz and Promo Team.

And I'd really like to make it. :) Seems like a pretty decent gig...and I could use one of those.  It'd also amuse me to be dancing again after a lot of doctors said I wouldn't walk. 

1.  My niece to be here! My sister-in-law's due date is early November. But I'm SO excited for this baby to get here...and I need someone to spoil. I've also had some hardcore baby fever (EVERYONE IS PREGNANT), and this is my way of satisfying it for the next couple years. 

What about you? What are YOU wishing for?

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