26 June 2010

Yay Weekend?

The joys of a weekend get a little trampled on when you're not working/in school. Then they're just like another day. So disappointing.

On tap for today? Stripping more wallpaper! I'm on a mission to get this crap gone. My master bath? Pink vinyl. My hall bath? Green and white stripes with a birdhouse border. Same for the kitchen. thicker green and white stripes for the entry way.  Originally, I was going to leave the hallway and the guest bath....but then I realized that the guest bath wasn't consistently put on straight, so it made you kind of nauseous. Then it didn't make sense to leave the thick stripes in the entry way if everything else was going.... Hopefully by monday I've finished everything but the kitchen, then it's time to 'spackle' and pick paint colors.

For the 4th, I'm going home to spend some time with my family, and to bring more of my stuff out here. Then a couple weeks after that, my parents are coming out to visit/help out setting up the house.  C is getting home MUCH sooner than expected,  so I need a couple extra pairs of hands to finish a lot of it up. I know our guest room and his 'man cave' won't be done, but I'd like for the master suite, kitchen, and hall bath to be complete.

I need some inspiration--what are your favorite home decorating sites?? I'm going for a classic/neutral style. I need to be able to rent/sell this house later!


  1. I don't have a favorite home decorating site, but have you seen Real Simple magazine? I LOOOOVE it! Any bookstore should have it.

  2. I love Real Simple! So many cute (& easy) ideas, although I mostly look at the organization side of it. If you are going to rent it later, I think you could still paint it whatever (unless you just want neutrals), just let them repaint. I always prefer being able to paint versus being in a white box LOL.


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