13 June 2010

Family Time

This week, I'm writing from the Beautiful Corolla, NC. I'm on vacation with my family--we've come here just about every year since I was 3.

We're finally in the house, and even have some of our stuff there now. It's nice to have an address again and to know that I'll be staying in one place for awhile after this week. It's got it's projects (The master bath is done completely in Pink wallpaper. Gotta go.), but It's a great house and great for a FIRST house. C and I were both very adamant on not getting something that's more than we can afford.

Speaking of, C is officially "Over There". It'll on be a short time he's gone, but I miss him a lot. We got spoiled for the last month and spent SO much time together, I almost forgot what it's like to not always hear from him in one way or another. It's been about 24 hours now since I've last heard from him...It's hard, but it can only get more 'deal-able' with time. I keep staring at my phone and at Skype, thinking he'll pop up and it'll just be like the last school he was in--it's not. It's different, and I know that. But for some reason, I can't shake that want for his communication. The hope beyond hope that he'll find someway to get a hold of me. I know when he can, he will. I just don't want to be patient anymore.

Here's hoping Fall comes real fast. :)

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