18 May 2010

A really long, overdue update.

I guess I just haven't been feeling like writing. I have lots of things to say, to reflect on, but It just all feels like too much. or like I shouldn't be writing something as 'trivial' as a blog, when there are much more 'important' things to do.

Well, Since I last wrote, I've graduated college(Just shy of with honors- 3.42 GPA, how you taunt me), seen my cousin and brother-in-law get married, "moved" to Ft. Bragg(More on that later), and spent time at my parents house.

Graduation was great/weird. I still can't believe it's over. I told a friend of mine that it didn't feel like it had been 4 years. She asked if I just didn't feel like I had lived every minute of it--I did/do feel that I have. But at the same time, I feel like those four years were on hyper speed. I thank my University for all it provided for me,  all the learning, growth, and love that happened there. I don't regret one moment of my college experience.

The weddings were great. I'm so happy for both couples, and for them to both have some time to just relish in being a couple. I know my cousin has trainings to report to soon, and so I can kind of feel my cousin-in-law's pain. I can't wait for them to come out here. I think she'll like it a lot. (My cousin won't care too much). My BIL and SIL went on a honeymoon to Disney. So jealous--and it's so perfect for them. Weddings are funny things--I didn't cry at either, and I'm typically an emotional person. I did cry for a minute at my cousin's-they played the closest thing that C and I have to a song and he sang it while we danced. Hi, I'm a nutjob.

And after my cousin's wedding, we drove to NC. C spent all day yesterday inprocessing, and it looks like today will be more of the same. We still don't know when he's leaving, but I suppose I have him at least till Thursday--that's when his appointment with CIF is.  I'm hoping for sooner rather than later. Too much later and I have to make really uncomfortable decisions. According to the Army, I live here. However, once C leaves I'm moving back with my parents until a house is ready. It's very possible that we will be making an offer by the end of this week-scary and exhilirating all at once! I really hope this goes through--other than some major wallpaper renovations, this house is a blank canvas for us! and it's big enough,without being obnoxious or too expensive.

Fingers crossed that this all works out like we'd like it to!

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  1. oh life...

    "I shouldn't be writing something as 'trivial' as a blog, when there are much more 'important' things to do."
    question: who said blogs are trivial? a blog is the next best thing to a column in a periodical or your own talk show.

    sometimes you have to take a break from the "important" things in order to process them.

    i love you very much.
    i'm glad i'll see you soon.
    maybe i won't be such a wreck at that time.


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