12 April 2010


Well, it's been a freaking crazy week(not that this week looks much better), so the break from blogging was probably a good thing.
a) we adopted a puppy. :) she won't be ready to come home with us till late May, but she's precious. She's a little great Dane named JB:

b) C will be graduating from his last section of officer school on Friday! He'll be here!
c)I turned in the first part of my capstone project. I've had a few anxiety attacks about it (just worried that I'm going to fail), but I'm mostly just glad to have that part done.
d) time is running out for my undergraduate career! I'm only a few short weeks away from graduation, and it's amazing. and terrifying because...
e) I didn't get a job I really wanted. It was definitely a little disappointing, but I wasn't devastated or really even that sad. I know God has bigger plans in store for me, it's just a matter of seeing what they are. Thankfully, my husband has a steady job that pays pretty well, so I don't absolutely have to work. I just know that staying at home all day is a bad choice for me. 

That should cover it for now... :)

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