11 April 2010


The week off from blogging was needed. Good, hard, but needed. I also got to spend some time at home with my absolutely wonderful crazy family, and that helped as well. I'm gearing up for a very busy 3 weeks before Finals--I get to OKC tomorrow, will be traveling to and from Ada next Weds-Fri, C gets in Sunday, I have a week off, Friday is Sorority formal, Saturday is a friend's wedding/bathtub push(fraternity thing), Sunday starts senior week for the sorority, and I'll be doing the MFA thesis show/CDC showcase.

And then, finals. And then, graduation. And then, My cousin's wedding, and then, a whole new life in NC.

So, needless to say, my hands are full. I am going to continue blogging. And I've decided to not limit access as a whole, but I may do that on a post by post basis, if its about something that I know people won't take well. If I do limit it, the password will be available for those who ask. That said....

What I say here is my life. My thoughts. My opinions. If you don't like it, leave the screen. I don't use names when talking about people for a reason--I believe in personal security, and I don't want to be in trouble legally. I don't mean  95% of what I say maliciously, but I'm not real eloquent.

I don't need negativity in my life-and I'm trying to put less out from me. RTT will stay. I'm honest, and I'm blunt. I know that comes off wrong at times, and I know that. I know I need to not take things so personally....but understand, dear readers, that this is a place for me to vent without talking someone's ear off, or wasting valuable comm time with C right now. He deals with enough of my crazy.

Happy reading. :)

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