15 March 2010

Start of my Spring Break!

Officially speaking, I guess I've been on Spring Break since Thursday around 1. But, since I didn't know what my work assignment would be with my department's show, I couldn't leave till yesterday.

Thankfully, none of my flights were cancelled this time around, and I was able to get into Tucson when promised. They were asking for 14 volunteers to give up their seats on my plane. In all honesty, if they had offered more than a $300 voucher, I probably would've done it. As is, Right now $300 sometimes won't even cover a full ticket! I guess they kept asking on MIL's flight later, and they were offering them $350.

Regardless, I made it out, and got into Tucson around 6:30 last night. MIL's flight didn't get in till 10:30, so to kill some time C and I went and saw Green Zone. It wasn't what I was expecting, in a good way. C got frustrated with a lot of the inaccuracies of everything.  We both thought that he was a CID guy, who started learning that the US was the bad guys in terms of torture, from the previews. The actual premise is that he is a warrant officer with a WMD unit, who gets frustrated when they keep coming up empty and starts investigating. It was definitely interesting.

After we left the movie, we sat in his truck and just talked...it was definitely nice. Given, it was a lot of business stuff...our bank account, travel vouchers, SOCOM, etc. He explained a little more of why he wants to do Spec Ops, which helps me to understand  better/feel better about it.

We loaded MIL up, and started the hour drive to Sierra Vista. She was hungry, so we stopped at Jack in the Box. I wasn't hungry, but I'm determined to try this place before I leave. So much random fried food.

Our Hotel for the next couple days Is great. We're staying at the Townplace Inn and Suites in SV. My family stays at these during road trips because of the separate bedrooms, and so that's why I booked it for MIL and I. ;)  We're in a 2 bedroom suite(That I got a discount on) and so She has a room, I have a room. There's also a family/living room and kitchen, so I think MIL is offering to cook dinner tomorrow.

Today, I think our plans are to mostly chill out. We may try to go to the Mall(walking distance...another reason for choosing this place) and I know dinner tonight is Texas Roadhouse(one of her favorites).  She leaves Weds, so I don't have to worry about entertaining her too much. :)

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