17 March 2010

Can't sleep...

Boo. I need to get better at being able to fall back asleep after he leaves in the morning. I know that in an hour or two, I'll be tired and ready to sleep for a little while longer...but as of right now I'm not. And it sucks.

It's been a pretty great visit so far. I've loved having time with him...though his mom is hit and miss. I love her, and we had a good day Monday. Yesterday, however I wanted to punch her. She decided it would be fun to try and talk to me about sex. Maybe my family is a bunch of uptight prudes, but we would never dream of asking/saying some of the stuff she did. so I was INCREDIBLY uncomfortable.

I take her to the airport today. We have to be out of our hotel by noon, so I figured we'd wait till then and then just drive up to Tucson, and shop till I can drop her off at the airport. (It's her absolute favorite thing to do.) Her flight leaves at 430, and I think I'm going to drop her off at like 2:30/3.

I'm looking forward to having the rest of the week with C. I know we're going shooting, and I'll be making at least 2 more Tucson trips. One to meet up with friends from an army board, one for C and I to complete our registry. I don't think he knows how much fun he's in for. :)

Weird to think that this is the last time we'll be 'visiting' each other. Come mid-April, when he graduates BOLC, we'll live together. Can. Not. Wait.

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