25 March 2010

RTT: Health Care Reform and Politics

Allow me to precursor this by saying that I have not read the bill. I've also been avoiding most of the news stories about it, because I don't trust them to be unbiased.

From all my impressions and what the media would have me think, Democrats are tree-hugging hippies bent on making us all Socialists and Republicans are rich old out-of-touch Christians. I'm a moderate--I don't align myself with either political party in actuality because you're all a bunch of idiots. I register as one or the other(I flip parties whenever I move....It's fun,you should try it), so that I can vote in primaries.

Well, I'm not sure if y'all have heard this, but Healthcare Reform passed this week. It has amendments on top of amendments, and is huge. I think this is a lot of why I haven't read it yet. It's intimidating, and I don't feel like I have time/the ability to read it all. I'm not fluent in legalshitese.

The reactions to the passage are what are terrifying me. Moving to Costa Rica, cutting propane lines, threats, impeding other committees from meeting...REALLY?! Really. Republicans-This is how you model Christ's love? I highly doubt Democrats are scot-free either. I HIGHLY doubt that they're not walking around and provoking some behavior...the reaction is still extreme, but I'm willing to bet Dems are proverbially(Or literally? That could be funny) sticking their tounges out at GOP members. What happened to class? Respectfully disagreeing? Things of the past now. THIS is why so many lay-people in our society are uneducated about politics. The aftershocks of anything are too much to bear.

Regardless, I'm all for the theory of providing healthcare to all; but because I'm uneducated about the bill, I'm not sure how I feel about how we are going to go about doing it.  I hope that we can find the best way to do it, and I hope that we can learn to still love our neighbor, no matter how they vote.

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  1. I completely agree. I hate even thinking about politics because I feel like no matter what side I'm on, someone is going to hate me (I also don't claim a party). I'm so over the arguing between the two...what ever happened to "agreeing to disagree" and moving on?


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