23 March 2010

My Apologies...

For not wrtiting more. THis past week was Spring Break for me, and I had the pleasure(ha) of entertaining his Mom for the first couple days of it... So I had good internet then, since she and I were staying at a hotel.  Then she left(Insert hallelujah chorus here), and I was on base...with crappy Army Lodging internet. No wireless networks.

It was definitely a great trip. After his mom left, we got to spend time together. We went out with his friends, went on a Bed, Bath, and Beyond shopping spree, hung out together, watched movies and played video games. I slept alot....I think I'm saving up for when I won't be getting any sleep as I turn in capstone part 1 before too much longer.

I miss him. I hate leaving. I hate it. But, thankfully, the next time we're reunited, it's for keeps. there's no looming time where one of us has to go away again....We'll have been married 4.5 months, and will have spent 18 days together since then.  Gotta love the Army.

Alltogether, We have a lot to look forward to. Graduation and 3 weddings in May, Family Vacation in June, the arrival of my niece/nephew in Oct/Nov, and another wedding in November. I can't wait. :)


  1. Yeah November wedding!!

    So glad you had a good break with hubs! Minus the whole hurt locker / MIL : )

  2. Yay.
    Here comes the rest of your life...


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