29 March 2010

An Army Wife's Prayer

I'm grumpy today, and I'm definitely feeling lonely. I just want to be a normal couple who gets to spend a normal amount of time together. I'm tired of being strong, I'm tired of managing everything, and I'm tired of being tired.

Hopefully this helps with an attitude adjustment.

I am an Army Wife's prayer.
I have seen many parts of the world though I have never touched the soils.

I have clung to my Soldier as he has walked countless miles on dusty trails, ridden with him down countless stretched of IED-infested streets, and flown in countless air craft.
I have kept watch over his sleeping form more times than are countable, laid soft hands on him during difficult missions.
I am intertwined to his very soul, a gentle reminder without spoken words.
I am an Army Wife's prayer.
I have held weeping children in my invisible embraces when the night seems to drag on for days, when the light is hard to see.
I have walked to school each and every day, and will continue until the education is long since over.
I see unshared tears of a Daddy's departure; I caress small cheeks of those who do not understand the word "Deployment".
I have been beside countless teenagers when they start to drive, consider taking foolish risks, and I have not told another either way.
I have watched over millions of cradles and bassinets of those who haven't ever seen their Daddy's and those who never will.
I am an Army Wife's prayer.
I have cried silent tears with thousands of Mothers as they have worried about their child's save return.
I have sat with countless Fathers when they have received news that their child is injured or gone.
I have whispered reassuring words when I have had none, sparked hope when I lacked it, and expressed compassion because of my understanding of Motherhood.
I have stood beside those parents whose young heroes gave all.
I have listened to Taps a million times.
I am an Army Wife's prayer.
Magically, I do not have to be divided.
No single word given is any lesser or any greater than the one before.
I hold my family together; I remind them of God's Grace and Love.
I cannot be seen, but I am there.
Long after the first breath went up on butterfly wings,
I live.
I am eternal.
I am real.
I believe in miracles,
I believe in Angels.
I do not give up or give in.
I am like the love that wove me, never-ending and timeless.
I will never die or fade.
Faith created me, sustains me, and my Soldier will never know what it feels like to be without me.
I am an Army Wife's prayer.

I believe in miracles. I believe in Angels. I do not give in.

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