10 March 2010

Pre-Spring Break Reflection.

 I need Spring Break, and I need it now. Hopefully I can come back refreshed and not 'full of hate'. I'm sick of being called hateful. I've tried to act otherwise towards you-I've tried to prove that I'm actually a nice and caring person- but you poke and prod till I'm back and angry at you again. I want to like you. I want to try and be your friend...but I can't do that if you don't want me to(which, btw, it's pretty obvious that you don't.)

I did feel sad for the first time in regards to graduating last night. I had a lot of time on my hands as they took 20 minutes on one piece for tech.

I'm going to miss my boss/best guy friend. He is one of the best friends you can ever ask for, and he has helped me grow as a person. How do you find someone to be that honest with you?

I'll miss C's fraternity. They've really looked out for me the past couple years.

I'm going to miss my littles-both official and otherwise. They all make me laugh when I don't want to. They're all Juniors, but post grad one will stay in OK, 2 I don't know where they'll end up going, and 1 is going to LA. The whole opposite sides of the country thing is going to suck.  Who am I going to call when I randomly want fro-yo? Who is going to help me pick out outfits? Who's going to tell me inappropriate jokes until we all have the giggles? I'm going to miss the rest of the line-the gl's and gg's I have. I'm randomly close to them when it comes to different subjects, but they're all people that I value and I know I'll miss.

I'm going to miss Oklahoma Sunrises. As much as I may not care for the state, Sunrises are beautiful here.

I realized that unless I get some major windfall or frequent flyer miles...I'm going to miss a lot.  My littles' senior projects-recitals, exhibits, etc. Homecoming, Spring Sing(which I miss anyway this year...), bridal showers, candlelightings... there's so much.

I know that I'll be fine. That I'll have C, and I'll make more friends in NC. But it doesn't mean that I'll miss OK and the people that are (temporarily) here any less.


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