09 March 2010

This is not my week.

It's all been little things, but they're adding up.

Hubby brought up putting in a packet for the Special Ops Command today. Not what I really wanted to hear, to be honest with you. I thought that was backburner for awhile...but i guess not. I don't really have a problem with him doing it if that's what he wants to do, but that doesn't mean I'm not scared. it doesn't mean that my stomach dropped any less.

I also had the pleasure of driving a box full of ammo over to the UPS store(He ordered the wrong kind), to return to sender...for them to tell me that they couldn't do it, I had to have picked up at my apartment, and it was going to cost me. Fabu.

On the bright side, I ordered my Graduation announcements and Cap and Gown today.My sales reps asked me to thank C, and then thanked me for my service....It's weird. It's just my life-just my husband. I can see why people want to thank him-he's risking his life. I don't understand why people would thank me. I don't do much.

On the HUGE downside, my brother got called a "Fucking Jew Prick" at his job today by a customer. I'm insulted and hurt on his behalf, and all I want to do is fly to Louisville and sit infront of his dealership in a lawnchair with a shotgun and wait for that MFer to show his face. I'm not a great shot...but I know how to aim.oh...my southern is showing.

Oy. It's been a long day, and I need all the sleep I can get.

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