30 March 2010

I hate people.

I hate people because:
1. People you tell secrets to blab them. And cause extremely uncomfortable situations.
2. We traumatize a 10 yr old girl, because dad put an Obama sticker on his car.
3. You get yelled at for wanting oversight and wanting to protect people's feelings.
4. They unload problem after problem on you, but when you need to talk no one's there.
5. Arizona just chooses to not do DST. So we're 2 hrs apart and my 4 or 5 talk hours with hubby are now 2 or 3.
6. The army refuses to pay to move me. Complete BS. Here's hoping they'll come to OK and get his stuff, since I have the bulk of our furniture.
7. A majority of people are fake. I can tell when you're just being nice to me for gain.
8. Teachers who don't teach. 'Nuff said.
9.  Living up to impossible expectations sucks
10. No matter how much I do or don't, there's 5 people who will notice: My mom, my C, my EB girls, and My male best friend.

I like people because:
1. My friend Danny can always make me crack a smile.
2. Even though I don't get to talk to C often, when we do it makes my day a little better.
3. My EB girls are hilarious. and we're baking cupcakes.
4. You know how everyone wonders what they'd be like as the opposite sex? I'm friends with the me. He just happens to be short and black.
5. There's so many to meet-- if I don't like one, there's another person who I will.
6. There are positive news stories out there--like about the nanny who ran back to save a child she watches into a burning house.(www.givesmehope.com. Beautiful website with these kinds of stories)
7. There is nothing cartoons won't fix.
8. The army pulled their cranium out of their hind quarters(mostly)
9. I see Momma in 6 weeks, and C should be here VERY soon!!!
10. My mom kicks my butt to class even when I don't wanna go! She's a great motivator!

More to come when I care about humans again. Yesterday was NOT good and it's definitely trickling into today. (Today broke even...)

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