19 February 2010

RTT: Social Leprosy

So, I got married almost 2 months ago. (wow...) and I've experienced a lot of changes as a result. One of the major changes was in the social arena.

Me and my best guy friend are each other's date to everything. He takes me because I'm used to him getting side tracked with a bajillion conversations, I take him because I don't have to check in on him every five minutes and make sure he's having fun. Well, some of his friends decided to makea "Be C****'s date to victory" group on Facebook. Simple enough, they just wanted him to take a romantic date. One of our mutual friends posted on the group wall and asked what about me? Where was I going to be?

The response?
"She's Married"


Sorry, just because I'm married does not mean that I don't get to have fun. It does not make me a social leper, though these people seem to think different. I haven't changed that much! I just have a husband instead of a fiancee.

I don't have a problem with the group, the concept, or finding him a romantic date.I want him to be happy. I just don't like that I'm not supposed to have fun anymore.  Real Talk--I am just as fun now as I was then, and I still would like to makeitoutofthe house once in awhile, especially since my husband is far away. I still want to have friends.

Won't you be mine? Even though I'm an old married lady who doesn't crush beer cans on her head? or even care about getting pissed drunk?


  1. Jess, I just want to say I'm sorry you're feeling the social leprosy. I completely understand what you mean, I've felt like married=outcast quite a lot in the past 2 years (especially married to a soldier). Hopefully when you are able to move to Bragg & be with C you can find some friends who truly understand. The number of married couples goes up tremendously around post (in my experience, anyway), so even if people aren't married they "get it" a little bit more, if that makes sense.

    This probably seems really random but I just wanted to let you know that I understand & I really do feel bad that this is happening to you too. I've seen your comments lately about the marriage/preggo things being said to you, and it reminds of how I felt/feel when they're said to me.

  2. Oh favorite, I love you!

    I'm sorry that people are dumb. You are fun and you should want to get out and be social and no one should make you feel like you shouldn't. I think especially in your case you should get out because you are far away from the hubs. Sometimes its just nice to have a distraction. I'll be that for you tomorrow! : ) Here's how I look at it (or here are my different views on it)
    A) People are dumb. B) Fact - you're married (just in case you forgot : ) ) Fact -You are still the amazing friend, person, woman, etc and if people don't realize that well, then I refer to statement A. C) You had a GORGEOUS wedding and you have a great hubby. Many people are probably jealous of that fact. You found love and support and that's what matters.

    Now I'm just rambling but at the end of the day, I love you and I think you are SO SO fun. Can't wait to hang out tomorrow!!


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