18 February 2010

The bi-polar trip

I went to visit the hubs this weekend. He had a four-day, so I was going to fly out on Friday morning, and fly back Monday morning. Then, it snowed.

My flights were scheduled to go out of Dallas, but with their snow, all the early morning flights were cancelled. Since I was on the second one for the day, the earliest my airline could get me to AZ was at 6 PM Saturday night. Unacceptable.

After only a few tears and phone calls, I rented a car(Vday present from the momma), and started driving. C and I decided we'd meet halfway--in Albuquerque. It was about 8.5 hours for me, 7 for him. We met up, and decided to stay in the city for the night, instead of driving 7 more hours to go back to Sierra Vista. (I got in around 4, it makes sense. ;)) So, we saw Edge of Darkness and had a fabulous dinner at Macaroni Grill--my first time!

Saturday, we got up and drove the rest of the way to AZ. We got in around 2,  had a bite to eat and then decided to hang out with some of his friends. We tried to go to the gun range, but by the time we got his guns and got out there, we wouldn't have had time enough to shoot. So we went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and Best Buy, and then relaxed back at home for the rest of the day.

Sunday was wonderful. We got up, went to the gun range, and then drove up to Tucson to go shopping. We bought my Valentine's Day Present(sapphire/diamond necklace and earrings), and I gave him his(A leather messenger bag and Reese Hearts). We started to drive home after that, but decidedto stop at a casino instead. We ended up doing well-- I won $200 on a hand of 3 card poker! Between him and the dinner at their steakhouse, I think we came out under by about $100.

Monday, I was supposed to fly back. Instead, I woke up around 4 am convulsing and sweating. We tried to deal on our own, and breathe through it for about an hour...when there was no improvement we went to the hospital. They gave me muscle relaxers, and said I had a kidney infection. I spent the rest of the day sleeping, waking up to eat, basically. C played CoD and would stop whenever I woke up. My airline graciously rescheduled me for Tuesday night, so I got an extra day!

Tuesday he had to go back to school, but came home on his breaks to check on me. I took a cab to the airport, and got back to OKC around 11 that night.

Nothing went right, but it was a weekend with him, and that's all I wanted. :)
Stay tuned for RTT.

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