24 February 2010

Don't play games...

With a girl who can play them better.

I'm involved with my Student Government Association as the Chief of Staff. My best guy friend is the President. Recently, some of the senate members pulled him aside, concerned about what myself and other cabinet members do. My little was safe, they knew what she did(finance secretary). However, they were concerned about what I did. How effective I was. That I didn't use my full report time at Senate (3 minutes).

Well....needless to say this pissed me off. Really? You're so concerned, but you've said NOTHING to me? So worried, and yet when ever I report and BEG for input and questions, you stay silent? Sooo. I was my 'boss' self(Note: Boss is commonly confused with bitch).
I made a 2 minute and 30 second report, detailing what I am required to do constitutionally, what duties my friend has delegated to me, what extra duties I have(Like being mommy and telling people to go to class), etc.

Point=Made. I recieved hugs, thank yous, and about halfway through these senate members stopped making eye contact with me. I'm not trying to make them feel bad, but I do think it's a simple cause/effect relationship. Do you really think I wouldn't be upset by this? That you say you're so honest and then go tapdancing behind my back?

As I was leaving the office last night, one of them gave me a hug and said thank you. Another, however, comes up to me.....(SR=Senator)
SR: Agressive Much?
Me: Not without cause.
SR: Well, only like 3 of us knew what was going on.
Me: No, there's more than that.
SR: how?
Me: I told people.
SR: well, some were still in the dark.
Me: All they have to do is ask, I'd be happy to fill them in.

At that point, we both got pulled into seperate conversations. I imagine he'll try and talk to me today. I also imagine that I'll hear from other senators. So far, other than the above, I've recieved nothing but support. If at any point my friend had said 'Jess...too far. Not okay'. I wouldn't have done it. He, however, did nothing to stop me, and if anything encouraged me. When I told him after about the 'confrontation'. His response was 'Good, he's learning that his actions have reactions. He needs that'.  And I say, yet again:

You don't have to love me.

You don't even have to like me.

but you WILL respect me. Know why?

Cause I'm a boss!

I'll be posting again here in a minute. As interesting as last night was, I have a very somber anniversary to talk about.



  1. I got mentioned in your blog!!! haha yay!
    Also, if blogpost had a like, i would like this because it's an awesome story.

  2. Did you ever think you weren't even the target?

  3. I didn't untill I was told otherwise.


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