24 February 2010

American Soldier

This...is going to be hard to write.

Exactly 1 year ago today, My friend  Nicki lost her husband in Afghanistan. As he was travelling, his vehicle struck an IED(Improvised Explosive Device) 4 service members were lost in the accident.

CPT. Brian 'Bubba' Bunting was a West Point grad. He had been called up as part of the Individual Ready Reserve(IRR) to serve on this deployment.He had married Nicki, and they had a son about a year after they got married. He had just returned after his 2 week R&R back home. And he died.

2 weeks after his death, Nicki learned that she was expecting another child. Can you imagine how bittersweet that is?I can't imagine the range of emotions that flooded her at that point. Can anyone, till you're there?

As a response, she's started Bubba's Belly Run, a 5k and 1 mile fun (pregnancy :P) walk, in his memory, and in the memory of all the soldiers lost.  Her strength and compassion are amazing. I can't imagine being in her shoes.

But truth of the matter is... you do. As a military spouse, anytime one of us loses someone, or a spouse gets injured... not only do we all feel it, but we all play through it. We all imagine the scary 'What-ifs' that we typically try to hide. We all imagine, and ask ourselves,  "What if it had been my husband?" It's selfish, masochistic, and weird, but I know I do it.

I've already shed a few tears today for Nicki, Bubba, Connor, and Cooper. I imagine I will again later. And tonight, I will--in fear that one day it will be me. That one day that dreaded knock on the door will come, and what will I do then? Who will I turn to?

Answer: God.

For more on the Buntings:

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  1. This is such a beautifully tragic story. It's amazing how strong she is and how she is honoring his memory. Nothing is harder than loosing someone you love, especially your Soldier.

    You are so right, the only thing that helps is turning to God. For a long time I was angry with God for my mom's second deployment but when I realize that got me nowhere, I started to pray. I prayed for calmness of mind, the safety for my mom and all the others serving. I also kept busy. If I wasn't doing something productive or helpful I would sit and dwell on what my mom was doing or going through. Although you never stop thinking about it, it does ease the tension in your gut for a little while anyways.

    I thought of this the other day. If C ever get's deployed (I pray he doesn't)I think I will send you my mom's journal from her time in Iraq. It really helped me understand a lot more not only about my mom but what she was doing and experiencing.

    Love you Jess


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