25 February 2010

RTT: Taking Care of Yourself

I am an abnormality in my little circle of college students.

I make sure I get at least 5 hours of sleep each night, usually 7+.
I take a multivitamin and extra supplements.
I eat a balanced diet, and don't focus on any food goups. I also don't really exclude any food groups either.
I don't drink often, and when I do, it's never to excess.
I exercise at least twice a week, sometimes more depending on how much the weather hurts my leg.

As a result, I end up being generally healthy. Yes, sometimes I get sick, but nowhere near the frequency that some of my colleagues do--Impressive when you consider that I'm anemic and hypoglycemic, two things that give me the immune system of a flea.  They also give me no choice-- I HAVE to take care of myself. Otherwise I have a lot of problems.

I joke that I'm everyone's mom away from home. But lately, it's been feeling more real than usual. I am sick and tired of telling my colleagues that they need to eat, sleep, go to class, do homework. I'm always more than willing to help, and I love my friends....but I'm gone in May. Prove to me that I don't need to worry.

It's not that hard guys. 3 hours of sleep=bad. Priortize, and get more. I've learned that when I don't use my time wisely, I end up making the Sophie's choice. You can't have both the recommended amount of sleep and a perfect assignment. Either I have a really great assignment and I'm grouchy and honestly, bitchy all day; or I sleep and turn in 'B' work. After so often of being sick, you learn that your health outweighs your GPA.

The part of this that bothers me the most is that we're in college. We're supposed to be independent or learning how to be.  I don't mind taking care of you, it's what I'm called towards, but I want you to learn how to do it  yourself so that I'm not worried about you next year.I joke with a friend of mine that I'm going to offer cooking lessons--Now I really might. It's really enjoyable once you start trying new things, and I'm finding more and more people who just rely on mommy to see them through. Newsflash: At some point, you need to learn how to cook at least one fantastic dish. Yes, everyone. Yes, even boys.

RTT basic tips to be healthy:
-Get more than 3 hours of sleep. Try for 6 or 7. It won't kill you.
-Take a GROWN UP multivitamin. I know Flintstone's taste good, but they're meant for kids. Your adult body has different needs.
-Eat a BALANCED diet. For a normal person, this means grains, dairy, veggies, fruit, and meat. If you are going to cut meat out of your diet, find another source for the nutrients that you get from it. And yes, a balanced diet does include the occasional dessert or alcohol or however you splurge.
-Exercise regularly. Even if this means simply going for a walk every other day, it'll help(And you'll get addicted) Just set aside thirty minutes to be active in some form. Dance around your apartment, go for a run, walk around campus, play a quick game of soccer. Whatever gets you going.

Chances are, I currently feel more like your mom when I'm constantly telling you this. Especially if you brush me off with the finesse that I think all women acquire somewhere around the 12th year. Chances are, I'd like to be your friend again.

Real Talk: Your biggest investment is your body. Take care of it, and it'll take care of you. Please. Please. please. please. please. please. Let me stop having to tell you to go to bed, so you can stop rolling your eyes, sighing, and telling me you know.

If you really know, DO IT.

Don't tell me it's because you have too much work to do. YOU make a choice. If your choice is to not sleep, eat like crap and skip your vitamin, then don't complain to me when you get sick. You did it to yourself. You are responsible and accountable for your own actions.

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  1. :-) Just wanted to let you know i came across your blog by running a twitter account for work. Love your opinions and agree with you to a T!

    Blunt honesty is rare - so it's refreshing to find someone who thinks like me and isn't afraid to share it!

    If you ever do offer cooking lessons - let me know! I'm a HORRIBLE cook - but i love learning...

    - Heather


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