15 July 2010


I. Freaking. Hate. That. Word.

Typically, Newlywed means just that-recently married.  But the way it is typically used is 'you're a newlywed, you don't know anything'. I'm a newlywed who has spent the majority of my time apart from my spouse. I've gone through shit that most married couples never have to, and I wouldn't wish it on them

Being a newlywed means everyone thinks that your world is perfect. Being a newlywed means that all your problems, concerns, thoughts, and beliefs are trivial to the outside world. Being a newlywed means that you're getting the proverbial  pat on the head with an "Well isn't that precious?". This is akin to the southern phrase "Bless their heart"--a backhanded compliment.

I'm long past the newlywed phase. C doesn't shit rainbows, and that phase ended in oh..2007? I love being married. I'm very proud of him and what he's chosen to do to provide for our little family. Feeling this way does not make me dumb, it makes me human and considerate.

Just because I haven't been married long doesn't mean I can't have valid thoughts and opinions about marriage and my husband. 6.5 months has taught me a lot, and the rest of eternity will continue to do so

"It's not about the years of your life, it's about the life in your years".

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  1. Bahaha I love it. It's even better when they are deployed and you're dealing with shit that the person married for 20 years (and probably bitches about their spouse constantly) won't ever understand...but of course we're the clueless ones. My first year of marriage was spent with a deployed husband, my 2nd dealing with PCSing and reintegration issues, but clearly I don't understand marriage or commitment.

    So basically, I will totally help you with your cutting needs.


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