21 July 2010

CRONM in the real world...

In my sorority, an acronym floats around from time to time, usually around recruitment time: CRONM.


CRONM (pronounced crow-num) is a way of life. It reminds us that we are on super good accommodating loving behavior during Recruitment...and then people drop it after bid day. Bad. Bad. Bad. You have to keep recruiting and being nice and accommodating to the new members FOREVER. Why? because a harsh change in treatment encourages girls to drop, and perpetuates the stereotype that all sororities are full of fakes and flakes.

As part of CRONM, we've baked cookies, held study parties... I've announced my phone number at meeting more times than I can count, telling people they can come talk to me with problems, directing them to the appropriate parties for financial needs, scholastic needs, emotional needs, and so on and so forth.

Why is CRONM important?

Well, since C is in the Army and deployed, I'm in an FRG(Family Readiness Group). It's to keep the families informed and help them throughout the Deployment.  I have been 'a member' of the FRG since June.

I received my first email from the FRG last week. And it was a general "We're coming home soon, hip hip hooray" e-mail.  Not that I don't appreciate that...but I feel alienated here. I know NO ONE in C's unit.  I know very few in NC in general. The FRG had a great opportunity to drop by, send me an email, anything to make me feel welcome and help me speak positively about them....and they dropped the ball. Well, dropping it implies they touched it to begin with.

FRG: CRONM. Recruit me-make me want to help. How do you do that? Send me even a little one line note when I first get in saying 'welcome-call/email this person if you have questions.' I have had lots of questions, but no one to ask them to. No idea where to direct them.  I end up annoying C with them, and he doesn't even have the answers all the time.

This FRG could learn a LOT from my sorority.

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