21 May 2010

Life with no job

I. Am. Bored.

I go out once a day, and that's typically when C and I have to do something house related. (We're probably getting this one--We accepted their counter offer, and are in the process of getting all the finances and inspections settled). He asked me if I had hobbies I could do while I'm here-Nope. Not without a car, at least. My hobbies are cooking and shopping. So I play on my computer for a majority of the day right now.

I've started applying for a few more jobs, but I really don't think much will come of it till I can put an NC address on my resume. So. Frustrating. Plus everything else requires a masters, which I unfortunately can't swing just yet, financially or mentally.

I have a feeling in about a week this won't be bothering me as much--we'll be picking up our puppy JB! I'm sure she'll keep me plenty busy, and be a good companion while C's at work.

In other good developments, Thurs-Sat of next week I'm in OK for my Big's wedding, since C's d-date got pushed back. I'm excited to see my sisters and to not think about houses or deployments for a little bit.

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