23 September 2010

Update from: What my weekend consisted of

First picture was of a Pom-Pom-

I'm a member of the '10-'11 Heat Dantz and Promo Team. I definitely am out of shape, but it amazes me how fast a body can pick back up. When I was dancing all the time, I was pretty good at picking up routines. I'd figure I'd need to get my brain in shape too. Luckily, that seems to have stuck with me. :) Our first team photo op is this weekend-think happy thoughts for me!
My dance team. :)

Second was of a little girl laughing...

I love laughing with my husband. It seriously makes life that we're able to joke around and have so much fun. We get to do it extra on weekends, and that just makes it even better.

Third was a MacBook Pro

That's what I write to you all on. I love my mac, and spend entirely too much time on it...often either on a social networking site or playing the Sims.

Fourth was the beer. ;)

Monday before vacation, I came home from practice pretty tired and hurting. I called ahead and asked him to make an Icepack for me.

I got home, and he had a bath ready. Complete with wine, a favorite magazine (an early attempt drowned. ;) ), music, and my favorite bath salts.   I seriously don't deserve him.

How have your weeks been? What have I missed?!

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  1. My week has been: still waiting for final grades in 2 of 5 classes (the 2 most important,) finding a gym with Zumba, and doing my doctor's job for him. I guess I should get used to that last one, since I'll pretty much be doing it for the rest of my working life. ;]

    C is SO sweet. Love it. <3


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