03 August 2010

I am the Luckiest

 Things have been looking up over here.

C should be home VERYSOON, which is always exciting. I got JB a shirt for Daddy's return...he's going to hate that I dressed her up, but it's cute. He just has to learn to deal with it. I've gotten a lot of things done around the house for his return- as much as I can, anyway. I've also learned that I'll probably be the one mowing the lawn...he doesn't like doing it. I don't either, but I can put up with it more I guess.

I finally had an interview for a 'real' job yesterday. I'd be coordinating a nonprofit under the umbrella foundation. I would definitely prefer one over the other--one of the positions is for a Ronald McDonald House-esque facility. For that position, I'd be on call 24/7 and expected to be in on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want a job, but I'm too much of a family person to give up Holiday time. I'm not willing to compromise that just yet.  With the other position I'd take charge of several different nonprofits. The pay and hours are  less, but I'd rather do something I like.

And that just reminds me that I'm very fortunate. Even though C's work takes him away a lot, it also enables him to provide for us. We live off his paycheck, and live comfortably. Anything I bring in is just a bonus. I'm fortunate to be able to turn down a job with undesirable hours, and not have to worry too much about it.

I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. And I know that I am...I am.. I am The Luckiest. <3

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  1. I love this! Sometimes its nice to sit back and see how blessed we are.


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