01 April 2010

RTT: School Government Elections

This is something that really only pertains to me and people at my school right now--but it is something that could use some Real Talk.

Elections are going on for our SGA right now. It's great-a lot of positions are contested, and they aren't usually. usually we're begging people to run for office. But maybe it's because I'm a senior-or maybe i'm just sane, but people are taking it TOO DAMN FAR this year.

exhibit a: there have been accusations of a senator taking down/covering up another candidates signs. REALLY?! Are you that immature? Your signs don't make that much of a difference- calm down and move on. It's not the end of the world if you don't get elected.

exhibit b: One of the Presidential candidates had a photo shoot for his campaign posters. THIS IS NOT A REAL ELECTION PEOPLE. While yes, the pictures look good, I'm moreso annoyed that THIS is how you choose to allot your time and THIS is what you think is important. Apparently, he also has a twitter and a formspring(Learned this recently-it's a site where people can ask you questions and you answer anonymously. DOn't need it-I ask my questions out loud.) I understand taking it seriously, but really- VERY FEW  people are going to vote based on your signs-and if they do, there's no guarantee that they find your 'candid' photographs to be what pushes them to vote for you.

exhibit c: I've since been told that I was way off base on this one. I sincerely apologize.

It is not the end of the world if you don't win-there are other places and other positions where you can get involved. Please-Just breathe and step away from the social networking so I can stalk in peace.



  1. so how's that formspring you didn't need working for you?

  2. Well, The way I was referring to it in this sense(though apparently not well) was that I didn't need a formspring to ask campaign questions--I'll ask those out loud. I've asked 1 person a question on formspring, asking about his law. Surprise Surprise, He didn't answer.

    And it's going about as well as can be expected--Most people have a whole new set of things that they'll say when their name isn't on it. Thus, I'm a bitch who takes things too personally. Oh excuse me, a raving bitch. I honestly think that I won't keep it that long at this rate--if I want to be verbally abused I know who I can call.


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