19 April 2010


I have a snoring husband next to me right now. :)  As excited as I am to have him home, I didn't get to be excited for every long.

He found out Thursday(waited till he could tell me in person) that he will be sent to meet his unit on an extended sandy vacation. It's not for as long as most deployments, but it's still gone. He'll probably be the last to come home, and if any group gets extended, he'll probably be a part of it.

I've felt numb. I've gone from sobbing to normal to laughing to depressed. I assume this is all part of the roller coaster, but I just don't know. He'll leave right when we get there-how do I move, set up a house, train a dog, look for work? How do I do all this with no one there? I plan on asking my mom to help me look at houses, but I can't expect her to just take off from her life for the next however many months to help me set up. She loves me--just not that much. ;)

I know I'm strong enough to make it through, and maybe even thrive in this. I know I can handle it. But right now, it doesn't feel like it. Right now, I don't feel strong. If you're the praying time...some prayers for peace wouldn't hurt right now.


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